Facebook Massege Spoofing

 i found one amazing Trick and thought to Share With You All Guys, Okay! but the problem is this trick works only sometimes. I mean it depends upon user security and some other contents. well It works everytime but unfortunately sometimes it goes into SPAM message - Just depend upon users security, networking, port etc. I'm gonna show you an  tutorial on Facebook Message snoofing  trick, and Send message to anyone from anyone's ID........
Mail and Messge Spoofing server
Spoofed E-mail ID and Victim's Facebook Username
How to do Facebook message Spoofing?
     Ankit is an attacker, Rajat is victim and Kunal is Spoofed victim, the challenge in this is to send Message from kunal ID to Rajat ID without logging into kunal's ID, and ankit will perform this attack as an attacker this is called Spoofing .
                 For Script Click Here 
Here Is The Script
And Password :- mahnamahna

You'll get one form asking Target Email, Spoofed Email, etc.
In the Spoofed E-mail type your spoofed email (I mean from whom's user ID you want to send message to your victim) For Eg. Rajat's E-mail is Rajat@gmail.com.
In Target E-mail type Victim's Facebook Username for Eg. Our Victim is Kunal and his FB Username is kunal@facebook.com
In reply E-mail you can fill up your E-mail ID of G-mail.
And fill up your Message Title, and Type your message and Click on Submit.

After all it will create a fake connection of snoofing  and send fake message from Rajats's ID to Kunal's ID coz, Rajat is friend of Kunal, So it won't become Spam also and victim's won't realize also that he got Spoofed message.

victim will see this message in Chat Box, then he won't realized anything about Spoofed messaged.

Discovered By Karteek Munjal
Hope U All Guys Will Enjoy Hacking
Important note:- This Valun Is Already Reported To Fb They Will Never Look Into This Matter 


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