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Clash of Clans Hack – Unlimited Coins, Elixir & Gems

Clash of Clans Hack – Get Unlimited Coins, Elixir & Gems
Hey claners, ever puzzled a way to get unlimited coins, elixir and gems with an easy clash of clans hack ? 1st of all let American state introduce myself. My name is Devil and I’ve been finding out computing for nearly a pair of years currently. i'm additionally fanatic gamer however with all that busy schedule I can’t very get pleasure from the sport and place lots of efforts therefore, clearly I can’t succeed all those precious gems and elixirs while not doing a little tricks. I’ve spent virtually three weeks to form a hack tool which will generate all those valuable resources, therefore finally no additional troubled and currently I will begin enjoying the sport at the most. I additionally thought why shouldn’t I share the tool with the remainder of the planet, right? I’m not the sole one that's busy and that i guess many of us would need it in addition.

clash of clans hack

How to Hack Clash of Clans

First of all you wish to understand that hacking is absolutely advanced method thus you don’t have to be compelled to hack something, everything is already done. I actually have created 2 versions, one may be a transfer version and another is an internet version.
If you're skeptical regarding downloading some generators and would possibly|you would possibly|you may} think: well this might hurt my computer – no downside at all! Guess what! currently there's an internet version, it's truly a tool that's on my server and can’t hurt you in any means.
The only issue you wish to try and do is to settle on what percentage resources would you wish in your account and press generate. once is finished simply verify your email or phone with one provide that sometimes takes one to 2 minutes. The verification method is there for a reason, as a result of i might wish to get eliminate bots that square measure mechanically generating all those gems, coins and elixirs from my generator.

Works for Android/iOS and PC

It doesn’t very matter what quite device you've got. you'll have humanoid phone or pill, or even iphone, ipad and even computer. It works with each single one amongst them as a result of the cheat is connecting through the clash of clans servers and is manipulating with the resources therefore the device you've got is completely not necessary and also the tool is compatible with any gizmo or computer.

Please NOTE:
Please don't overuse this cheat. I even have spent lots of your time of making it and I’m exploitation it for my very own functions still. By overusing, this cheat are often noticed  by the sport developers therefore I recommend exploitation it one to 3 times daily. And in fact don't add several resources, you'll have lots of fun with 10k still.
If you prefer our Clash of Clans Hack tool please share it along with your friends.
But wait! That’s not all guys. i will be able to provide you with conjointly Associate in Nursing e-book “Clash of Clans tips and tricks”. With this guide you'll learn the way
to get innumerable dark elixirs, a way to ne'er lose a fight once more and simply become one among the simplest players within the world. you may get the e-book beside the hack.

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Tag Your All Friends @ In One Click With Your Massege

1.Go To Your Browser And Log Into Your Profile.
2.Go To The Link Click Here For Script And Then Copy The Script And Paste It To Notepad .
3.Open The Pic,Status or Page Post Where You Want To Tag The People .
For Pic Copy Pic Id
And For Status
Copy These Id
And Go To Notepad And Look At the Top
Then Go To Facebook.com/Your_username_here
And Then Replace www With Graph 
Now Go To The Notepad And Press Control + F And Look For //message with percent encoding for URIs
Now Copy All The Script And Go To Your Browser &
Press Control + Shift + J For Google Chrome 
Control + Shift + K For Mozilla Firefox 
And Paste The Script there 
And Then Press Enter 

And You Can See People Tagging :D

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How To Use Two Different Profile Picture in Facebook

Hai Guys Today i am going to share a new trick which was founded yesterday by Khalil (Security Researcher) From This Trick You Can Use Two Different Profile Picture in Facebook !!

                                        How To Use Two Different Profile Picture in Facebook

1. Open Your Profile Picture Album and then that picture you want to use as anotherprofile picture

2. Open that picture then copy the FB ID of that Picture . See Below :
3. Now Go To Your Timeline and hover your mouse to your current profile picture and right click on Edit Profile Picture then select edit thumbnail . 
4. Now A popup box will open right click on your current profile pic and select inspect element .

5. Now Scroll Down Until You Find " <form action=”https://upload.facebook.com/save_square_pic.php
6.Then Double Click on it to expand the Code
7. Now Click AnyWhere and exit the inspect element and click on save. 
And Now Its D0ne Enjoy The Trick .

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Get Premium Skype Account For Free

Skype For Free
How To Get Skype Free Premium Code of worth €71,88 for 12 months
Skype is offering free skype Voucher/code of Worth  €71,88 for 12 months. Remember the last date to get this voucher is 30th of December. Follow These Easy and simple method to get your own free skype voucher.
  • Visit to The link below and enter your email id and then check for email you will have got a Code for sure.
  • https://collaboration.skype.com/promotion/
    Then click on the link below and enter your skype name and password to sign in. after it will ask you to enter your code, enter the code and click on Redeem. You are done with it. Enjoy Skype Free Premium Code of worth €71,88 for 12 months. 
  • https://secure.skype.com/portal/voucher/redeem
    By Karteek Munjal

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Facebook Massege Spoofing

 i found one amazing Trick and thought to Share With You All Guys, Okay! but the problem is this trick works only sometimes. I mean it depends upon user security and some other contents. well It works everytime but unfortunately sometimes it goes into SPAM message - Just depend upon users security, networking, port etc. I'm gonna show you an  tutorial on Facebook Message snoofing  trick, and Send message to anyone from anyone's ID........
Mail and Messge Spoofing server
Spoofed E-mail ID and Victim's Facebook Username
How to do Facebook message Spoofing?
     Ankit is an attacker, Rajat is victim and Kunal is Spoofed victim, the challenge in this is to send Message from kunal ID to Rajat ID without logging into kunal's ID, and ankit will perform this attack as an attacker this is called Spoofing .
                 For Script Click Here 
Here Is The Script
And Password :- mahnamahna

You'll get one form asking Target Email, Spoofed Email, etc.
In the Spoofed E-mail type your spoofed email (I mean from whom's user ID you want to send message to your victim) For Eg. Rajat's E-mail is Rajat@gmail.com.
In Target E-mail type Victim's Facebook Username for Eg. Our Victim is Kunal and his FB Username is kunal@facebook.com
In reply E-mail you can fill up your E-mail ID of G-mail.
And fill up your Message Title, and Type your message and Click on Submit.

After all it will create a fake connection of snoofing  and send fake message from Rajats's ID to Kunal's ID coz, Rajat is friend of Kunal, So it won't become Spam also and victim's won't realize also that he got Spoofed message.

victim will see this message in Chat Box, then he won't realized anything about Spoofed messaged.

Discovered By Karteek Munjal
Hope U All Guys Will Enjoy Hacking
Important note:- This Valun Is Already Reported To Fb They Will Never Look Into This Matter 


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Best DDos Too's of 2013

Best DDos Too's of 2013

Crash A WebSite :D



A new DDoS tool from Anonymous called high-orbit ion canon or HOIC come into light. Attackers are constantly changing their tactics and tools in response to defender's actions. HOIC is an Windows executable file. Once started, you will be presented with the following GUI screen. If the attacker clicks on the + sign under TARGETS they get another pop-up box where you can specify target data.

When you click on the+ button, a new window will open where you can specify following things

URL - is the target website to attack
Power -> sets the request velocity.
Booster - are config scripts that define the dynamic request attributes
HOIC includes a new feature called 'boosters' which are files you download or add to an attack
machine which enables the attacker to manipulate headers such as language, referrer, host, etc.
To launch the attack click on "FIRE TEH LAZER!" button. 

The claim is this: LOIC did TCP, UDP and HTTP flooding, but HOIC focuses on HTTP only. HOIC includes a new feature called 'boosters' which are files you download or add to an attack machine which enables the attacker to manipulate headers such as language, referrer, host, etc. This new feature is designed to bypass signature based systems by using a lot of different headers. Additionally, HOIC is supposedly faster.
But is it really an improvement? Overall, not really. There are several reasons:

Problem 1: HOIC seems like a step backwards in terms of usability as it requires
client side installation and complex configuration files. LOIC offered the ability for
people with limited technical skills to perform DDoS--definitely not the case with HOIC.

Problem 2: HOIC is indeed HTTP focused. However, HTTP flood is inherently slower
than UDP flood and simple TCP flood.

Problem 3: Just writing in the tool's description "HOIC is faster" does not make it
faster and certainly does not explain why. As they say in the automobile industry: you
can't judge until the rubber hits the road.

Problem 4: The "boosters" are nothing but configuration files that just allows broader
targeting. HOIC could allow you to diversity DDoS attack, but mostly for pretty
sophisticated users. But as we point out in bullet #2 above, are you really gaining
more in firepower?

The high orbit ion cannon has the following features:

- High-speed multi-threaded HTTP Flood
- Simultaenously flood up to 256 websites at once
- Built in scripting system to allow the deployment of 'boosters', scripts
designed to thwart DDoS counter measures and increase DoS output.
- Easy to use interface
- C an be ported over to Linux/Mac with a few bug fixes (I do not have
either systems so I do
- Ability to select the number of threads in an ongoing attack
- Ability to throttle attacks individually with three settings: LOW, MEDIUM,
and HIGH

 Soon You Can Download Them And Use Them :)

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7 suspected Hackers who stole $2.4 million from ATM arrested

       7 suspected Hackers who stole $2.4 million from ATM arrested in NY

We are in the Cyber world , here the robbers don't wear masks, use guns or even threatening bank tellers , they use laptop and internet instead.

An alleged international cyber criminals managed to steal $45 million from thousands of ATM's in matter of hours.

Their first operation started from India, the hackers were able to "infiltrate the system of an unnamed Indian credit-card processing company that handles Visa and MasterCard prepaid debit cards. "

In their first operation, the crews made 4,500 ATM transactions worldwide and stole $5million, according to New York Times report.

In the second operation, the crews made 36,000 transactions worldwide and stole about $40 million in approximately 10 hours. It included $2.4 million stolen by a team of eight people in New York City.

The seven of the eight suspected members of the New York crew have been arrested. The eighth, said to be the ringleader, was found dead on April 27 in the Dominican Republic.

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